Richard Weiser

Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem 
A dream about The Lady and The Unicorn

The sad fact is we are running 
out of blue. So we'll use red 
instead and a thousand flowers
to bedeck the gaudy sky. 

The trees are striking, but draw your 
attention here to the cool smooth 
spiral of horn, mouthwatering tang 
of a tourtelete, heady fragrance 
of daisies, the plaintive toot 
of a portatif, your inverted gaze 
returned in a mirror. 

Like monkeys we are, in all but 
this, my sole desire: to know 
the unprovable. In truth, our 
systems cannot see themselves.


Richard Weiser is a musician and playwright. His work has been produced at The Toronto Fringe Festival. He’s written ads for almost 20 years and recently won a Cannes Lion (advertising’s version of the Oscar). Richard studied creative writing at York University with Don Coles and Robert Casto. He’s written a biography of the Canadian painter Tom Thomson (unpublished) and is working on a novel set during the First Crusade.