Linda Jaye Bonafield


Don't make a pregnant woman peer:
lips, fingers gnarled...
Uptight with future tantrums,
               pubescent prospects 
                           bait her rousing yell, 
when babe's crooked finger, 
cedes a fated squeeze of steeled 

 those bathtub squirt guns litter a grime, and crusty tile.

his prison walls shower lime, squeezed bitter
on her sliver-cut, painted fingers prepped
to visit vestiges of childhood,
              puerile sprinklers, 
                              in the Yard, Court of Weary
memories baked into lime-frosted cupcakes, 
shared by winnowed friends, innate

She sees, and bites her gnarled, teary lip... uptight.


Linda Jaye Bonafield has been published in Five Poetry Magazine, Scarlet Leaf Review, and forthcoming in Bluestem Magazine and Panoply. She has two bachelor degrees in Communication-Journalism, and Spanish from The College of Charleston, SC. More of her work is available at: