George Korolog

Boogie Down


                  We are always teetering on the edge of truth,

a little to the left, 


                                        a little to the right,
or losing balance

                                                                     and falling completely off.

You tell me your name.
I say, sure.
what’s in a name.

        I know it’s hard to say it right,
        but try.

Just move your feet.

                  A slick little dance move.
                  Cha Cha Cha.

When we’re in rhythm, 

we can both see it clearly.

                  A bold-faced lie isn’t far from the truth
                  and neither is the truth
                  that far from the truth.

So just play the music,
and let’s dance away.


George Korolog is a San Francisco Bay Area poet and writer whose work has been widely published in journals such as The Los Angeles Review, The Southern Indiana Review, Pithead Chapel, Cultural Weekly, Word Riot, The Monarch Review, Naugatuck River Review, Poets and Artists Magazine and many others,. He has twice been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and has also been nominated for Best of the Net. His first book of poetry, Collapsing Outside the Box, was published by Aldrich Press in November 2012 and is available on Amazon. His second book of poems, Raw String, was published in October, 2013, by Finishing Line Press. He is currently working on his third book of poetry, Thanks for Everything Anyway.