Rajandeep Garg

Night is more than it seems

I drive on a country road.
When the voluptuous moon lights
the reposed fields of wheat - faint and blue.
Its pinnacle grace incenses the ethereal clouds
and the soft rings around ignite the dark sky.
A gentle wind swaying the umbel stalks,
strolls the clouds whose shadows
make a penumbra over the moon.
And the mustard inflorescence
that lauds the sun upon the glazing sky,
are the teeming stars on the dark satin
with their blossomed petals of silver flairs.
And I know that shooting stars are windflowers
then I distinguish a pathway on Moon,
discretely contoured highway
akin the one I am on
wondering moon is my stop tonight.


Rajandeep Garg is an emerging poet at 25, from India. He is a graduate civil engineer and writes poems of all styles. He believes construction gives concrete value to his poetry and his poems help heal the world around.