Joe Quinn

“tales of the careworn heart”

1. you flick your cigarette
like you're practicing
for a puddle of gasoline
(so haute
your eyes shine
behind your bang bang bangs)

I want to be the editor
of the sad parts of your autobiography
insert silver linings like fish hooks
into the corners of your lips 
and pull them up
into a sharp smile

2.(black bra straps
beneath a white wifebeater
angled off the shoulder blades
cuts deep the want)

we're all missing children
but we never look
each other in the eye
and I
get lost in your story
I search for you
out on the fringe 
of soft lace

I would strip off 
all my armor
if I could be

3. "you have such a pretty gun"
-starts the new american love story
we bleed honey
the hive echoes
with alibis
and god save the queen

(and as you ascend the throne
I send this valentine
"honey you have such a pretty


Joe Quinn is a 35 year old American poet. He has been published 60+ times in over 30 publications around the world including Burning Word, The Delinquent UK, The Alarmist and Digital Papercuts. His newest collection, the mascara massacre is available for purchase for $10 at and he can be followed at @joequinnpoetry on Twitter or at